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   Adopt a Retired Sled Dog!


My sled dogs are part of my family, and are my responsibility for life. Occasionally, when a dog is retired from the racing team, the perfect home comes along and I share my wonderful dogs with new families. The rule is always that the dog must be happier in their new home than they would be if they stayed with me, and that they must be returned to me if ever they can not be kept or cared for.

Older sled dogs make wonderful pets. They can be hiking partners, recreational team members, skijor dogs, or just loyal friends. Different dogs have different energy levels, so I make sure to carefully consider each potential home to make sure it is a good match. Dogs retire from racing between 8 and 10 years of age, and typically have many active, healthy years ahead of them. Alaskan huskies often live and remain active into their late teens. They easily transition into new situations and new experiences. We have successfully placed many dogs into pet homes, where they now own couches and help keep the beds warm.

While they love the kennel and all of their pack members here, most dogs really miss being hooked up for training each day. Watching the team leave without them can be torture! If you think you might be the perfect home for one of these great dogs, please get in touch!


Skeeter enjoying his new buddy.





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