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Our dogs will always be 'ours'. No matter where they go, we keep track of them.



Aberdeen, Chase, Hatchet

Lucky boys! All three are now with a kind an wonderful family in Anchorage where they get to cuddle up for movie nights (with popcorn!), play with kids and cats, and help build a new recreational team.




Has a great new home in King Salmon with new dog friends.




Getting spoiled in Anchorage :)





Lyra has joined a new family in Eagle River, Alaska where she enjoys hiking and skateboard-joring (??).




Brie has joined a great new team in Fairbanks - she'll get to lead her new pals down some different trails!



Sweet Mercedes has retired to Virginia, where she shares a home with a whole bunch of cats!




Tough and hard working Trouble has retired to a new life in Ohio.




Sweet Luna retired with a great family nearby in Meadow Lakes.




Barley, our wonderful puppy-uncle and house pet with dreams of being a sled dog is now touring the world with Varan. We all miss him!



Lost unexpectedly due to natural causes in January 2015. A fun loving, hard working, sweet dog




Razor found a wonderful new home just down the road in Trapper Creek.





Moved to North Pole to help lead a team there!



Chisel joined a great family in North Pole!



Cerveza is a now a pet in Anchorge.





Shotgun is off to Vermont to be a running partner and buddy to his momma, Angel.




Wonderful, hard working team mate, retiring to Wisconsin to take up a new life as a best friend




Alis ran her last Iditarod in 2013, and passed away less than a year later. She enjoyed her free time running loose in the kennel and trying out everyone else's house.



Helix has joined another team. He still gets to be a sled dog but he won't have to face the stress of racing, which he found too frightening.


Mars now lives in Wasilla with some great kids and a cat!




Deja is now a hiking partner and couch decoration in Mt Baldy, California.




Voodoo has retired to become part of a wonderful family in Eagle River.




We lost our lovely girl to sudden illness in November, 2012. She was young and full of life until the end.



An amazing leader, and mother to many of our current dogs. She has retired to Vermont.



A tough and capable race veteran. An injury ended his career in December 2011, but he is now living it up as a pet dog.



The best leader and most devoted dog I ever knew. He passed away in March 2012. We love you and miss you, Scooby, and we'll see you down the trail.



WSU (Wazoo)   

An experienced Iditarod leader, loaned to us for two incredible seasons. She's back home now with Bryan, a house pet with a history.





A big tough boy, but just not able to keep up with our guys. He is also going to run with Andy's team.




January 2009 - we lost our beautiful Highway this month. His desire to run led him to escape the yard, and he was killed by a train. We take comfort in the fact that it was a very fast end, and that he died while out on the trail, doing what he loved best - running down the trail.




A sweet, happy, tough little dog. She has had a hard time staying injury free, but she is such a good leader that she has gone to help another team who needs more 'front end' power. We will miss her, but we will visit often!





A cuddly, loving, but very tough boy. His yearling race year was incredible. An injury to his foot prevented him from being able to run with the team anymore. He is now a happy, spoiled pet in Eagle River.




















A super leader and a really nice dog, but very prone to injury. She is now with friends, helping to train puppies.



A sweet, happy dog. She couldn't quite keep up with our team, so she now lives with our friend Andy, and is a major part of his team.


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