Ever wonder what it takes to keep a kennel going and a team on the trail? 

It's not all sweat and hard work. It takes a fair amount of money too. 

Typical Costs for A Season

 30 dogs in kennel 

  • Equipment - clothing, harnesses, 1 new sled, etc.    $6,200
  • Dog food (entire year) - Meat & kibble     $25,000
  • Vet Care - from routine vaccines to accidents and illness     $4,000
  • Race costs - Iditarod + 2 mid-distance. Including booties, supplies, entry fees, transportation, shipping, etc.     $10,500
  • Miscellaneous costs - Straw for bedding, hardware & parts, dog house construction, fuel for four wheeler training, etc.     $3,200

Total $48,900