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 Born: November 2011

Position: Main leader

Description: By 18 months old, Elway had already completed more race miles than many sled dogs ever do in a lifetime, including Iditarod. He's been a mainstay of the team ever since, with energy, enthusiasm, and lots of power. This is a monster-sized dog, but sweet as can be. He is a fantastic leader except when there are people or loose dogs nearby - he can't resist visiting!  He is extremely athletic, VERY tough, and absolutely LOVES to go on adventures (races). 

Broncos litter.  Iditarod finsiher.

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Born: November 2011

Position: Team/lead

Description: Shanahan is such a pretty color, and has such a long, lovely build. She is very smart - maybe too smart, and learns everything quickly. She likes to lead in training, but does a better job in team when racing. She is tough and always willing and ready to go! She has so much energy that she holds still, and has run around her house so many times she has built herself up a little race track. She follows me everywhere when she is loose, and loves to snuggle on the bed when its her turn to visit inside. 

Broncos litter. Iditarod finisher.

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Born: November 2011

Position: Team/lead

Description: McCaffrey is full of fire and energy and sweetness - like a good spicy barbecue sauce! She can be a strong leader - when she isn't harassing the girls behind her. She's an experienced racer, and solid hardworking member of the team. She gets along well with everyone, and loves attention. Her favorite place is hogging Karin's pillow.

Broncos litter. 

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Muddy Waters



Born: June, 2012

Position: Main leader

Description: Muddy was the standout as a newborn - first out of the house, first to figure out how to get out of the puppy pen, etc. As a yearling in 2014, she was the only youngster to make the Iditarod team. We don't put too much pressure on the babies, but don't tell Muddy that - she led the team across untracked glare ice, deep drifts, and through the notorious Solomon Blow Hole, where winds were blowing her off her feet. She seemed to think it was fun, and barked all the way to the burled arch in Nome. I've never seen such talent in one so young. 

As an adult, she has proven herself as a fabulous leader, but she needs a challenge! If she gets bored she can really cause problems! 

Blues legends litter. Iditarod finisher.

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PineTop Perkins



Born: June, 2012

Position: Main leader

Description: PineTop is a big happy goofball, and a seriously handsome guy. Outgoing and friendly, he loves to meet new people and travel new trails. He is a solid hard worker and always happy to eat, run, play! At two and three years old he was a marginal leader, great during training but not too interested in the job during races. At four he took over and led the team to Nome! He's now one of the most reliable up front. 

Blues legends litter. Iditrarod finisher.

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Born: June, 2012

Position: Team/Lead

Description: Sumlin may be the sweetest natured dog we have, and probably the most friendly - she has never met a stranger, everyone is her friend! 

Once she has a harness on she never shuts up unless we are moving - she hates to stop! This remains true even after hundreds and hundreds of miles. Stop the team and she starts screaming! She can do a good job up in lead (as long as we don't need to go on by any loose dogs - she just can't resist!) 

Blues legends litter. Iditarod finisher. 

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Born: 2012

Position: Team

Description: Oreo is a ball of energy and a very hard worker. He obviously has quite a bit of german shorthair pointer in him. He is a silly, happy, playful dog. Pointers aren't known to be tough or able to deal with cold well, but Oreo is a real exception to that rule - he ran Iditarod during the frigid 2017 race, and finished up wagging. He doesn't match the rest of the dogs, but he is definitely part of the team. 

Iditarod finisher.

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Born: March, 2013

Position: Team/Lead

Description: Nome is friendly and sweet and loves to cuddle. She is invisible in harness, just quietly doing her job. She excels in lead during training and is a real asset when training new leaders. She has beautiful marbled eyes to go with her colorful face.  We call her NoNo, but she basically never does a thing wrong.  She can often be found loose in the dog lot, and we might not even notice since she loves to lounge on top of her house. 

She comes from Lance Mackey bloodlines. Iditrarod finisher.

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Born: August, 2013

Position: Lead

Description: Coal's dark gray coat with red low lights inspired the name for the Fire Litter. He is full of goofy energy and loves attention. He is a strong and confident leader. He's had a few small injuries that held him back as a youngster, but he is maturing into one of the powerhouses of the kennel. One of the most beautiful dogs with fantastic athletic build, and beautiful coloring.  Coal does a head shaking, spinning, hopping dance at dinner time that makes us all laugh.

Fire litter. 

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Born: August, 2013

Position: Team

Description:  With her pale coat, she glows in the moonlight.  Even though Glow doesn't really want to lead, she hates having her view blocked. She hops down the trail, head high, craning around the other dogs, trying to see down the trail. She can be a real stinker to her neighbors in harness just as we take off and the energy is up. But she settles down to work after a few miles and has proven she is tough and hard working even though she is small. 

Fire litter. Iditarod finisher.

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Whack A Mole


Born: July, 2013

Position: Main leader

Description: A great big boy. Very happy, very silly, very strong. As a two year old he became one of the best command leaders (turns and directions) in the kennel, and just keeps getting better over time. This boy has some brains behind all that goofy! 

He is very friendly to everyone he meets and a great couch cuddler. He hates eagles and will bark until they leave his area, although he could care less about ravens and other big birds. His favorite trick is to launch off his house like he's taking flight.

Carnival litter. Iditarod finisher.

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Tilt A Whirl


Born: July, 2013

Position: Main leader

Description:  She stood out as a baby, and was my top pick from the litter. She has proven me right - she loves to run and she is a very tough leader! Even though her brother is enormous, she's just a tiny little thing and looks an awful lot like a coyote. Size doesn't hold her back, she is all business about pulling a sled. As a two year old she quietly took over in lead during a very tough Iditarod, and she's been up front ever since.  Tilty  is very affectionate and outgoing.

Carnival litter. Iditarod finisher.

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Born: April, 2015

Position: Team/lead

Description: Lyra X Fly puppy. This whole litter is big, happy, and loves to run. Boom started out as the runt of the litter, but has grown into a serious powerhouse. As a yearling he showed lots of talent in lead, and even got to run the first 200 miles of Iditarod. As a two year old he was too distracted by other dogs to be consistent - typical for teenage boys! 

Boom loves to hug and cuddle, and rubs his super soft muzzle against my cheek. What a lover!

Onomatopoeia litter. 

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Born: April, 2015

Position: Team

Description: Lyra X Fly puppy. This whole litter is big, happy, and loves to run. So far she loves being a sled dog, but doesn't show a lot of work ethic. I think she will grow into it, since ALL her siblings and relatives are super hard workers! Sweet and affectionate and silly. She's the most mischievous of the bunch. Even though she knows better, she will jump out of the dog lot if I leave her loose and don't stay to play with her.

Onomatopoeia litter. 

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Born: April, 2015

Position: Team

Description: Lyra X Fly puppy. This whole litter is big, happy, and loves to run. Rumble is the gentle giant of the litter. He is a serious, responsible, hard worker who tries so hard to always do right. He is easily intimidated by other dogs, so he prefers not to run in lead. As a two year old he was entirely distracted by any girls behind him, but luckily he doesn't at all mind running in wheel, and can pay much better attention there until he grows up a bit. He is a great big snuggler and loves to cuddle up on the couch or flop over for a belly rub! 

Onomatopoeia litter. 

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Born: April, 2015

Position: Team/Lead

Description: Lyra X Fly puppy. This whole litter is big, happy, and loves to run.  This one is a brat! She is also seriously athletic, smart, and energetic - she lives up to her name.

She was born head first and screaming about it, and she hasn't stopped with her opinions since. As a two year old she really started shinning in lead, but is still silly enough that she needs a strong co-leader to keep her focused. 

She is shy with strangers, devoted to people she loves, and quite feisty with the other girls in the team. She has some serious jump in her, and loves to spring straight into the air on command. I see amazing potential in her! 

Onomatopoeia litter.

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Born: April, 2015

Position: Team/lead

Description: Lyra X Fly puppy. This whole litter is big, happy, and loves to run. Zap is an old soul. She never acted like a goofy puppy - she has always been a responsible, hard working, reliable leader since her first times in harness. We usually ask a  steady older leader to help train up new leaders, but this youngster has been teaching her littermates, she is so good. Not that she is all serious! Take off her harness and she is super playful and silly. 

Onomatopoeia litter. 

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Born: 2013?

Position: Team

Description: There sure is a big difference with dogs that were not raised here at Blue on Black Kennels. Sabin has been here a few years, but is still learning to focus and listen for information from me. Sabin is a big goofy dog, and he knows his business in harness and likes to run. He made it all the way to Koyuk in Iditarod 2017 and showed a great work ethic, happy attitude, and ferocious appetite all the way there. A keeper!

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Born: 2013?

Position: Team

Description: Like Sabin, Flame was new to the kennel in 2016. She is small, fiesty, and hard working. She knows her job in harness, but is is still working on basic ground manners and socialization within the pack. She is very sweet and quiet with humans, but can be dominating with other dogs. She is really hard working in harness, and I bet if I had raised her from a pup she'd be a strong leader. So far she can't be relied on up front, but we will see if she develops as time goes on.

Sponsor Flame!



Born: June, 2016

Position: Team

Description: A single pup from Nome and Fly. Mamma stole a half-pound block of habanero cheese, and promptly went in to labor, so naming PepperJack was easy! 

This spicy little pup is really full of energy and mischief. He is a ball of fire in harness, but had a hard time behaving himself during his yearling year. We expect to him to settle down and focus as he grows.

His own, single pup litter.

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Born: May, 2016

Position: Team/Lead

Description: A double pup litter from Lyra and Fly. Crash is the sweet snuggly one of the pair. He pays attention and really wants to learn. He did an amazing job as a yearling, quiet, hard working and reliable, including quite a bit of leading. He is going to become a mainstay of the team. He is also a champion snuggler. 

Crash & Burn litter.

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Born: May, 2016

Position: Team/lead

Description: The second pup in the litter from Lyra and Fly. Burn is the fiesty fireball who lives up to her name. She REALLY loves to lead, but she attacks her co-leader in her excitement. She may be too bossy to share the work, and may be a dog who prefers single lead. Super athlete and crazy, silly, sweet.

Crash & Burn litter.

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Born: May, 2017

Position: Team/lead

Description: Juke is just a pup, but he is going to be ENORMOUS! He is very loud, very excited, and very driven to go down the traIl. He LOVES to lead. I can't wait to see this guy grow up!

Juke & Jive litter.

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Born: May, 2017

Position: Team/lead

Description: Jive is tiny compared to her brother, but just as full of crazy energy. She has been up in lead since her first time in harness, and she is really showing lots of talent!

Juke & Jive litter.

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Born: June, 2004

Position: Super stud

Description: Fly is one of the hardest working, most athletic, and happiest dogs anyone's ever seen. Because he is such a phenomenal dog, almost all the rest of the kennel are his offspring. He retired from racing in 2014. Now he spends his days wandering around the dog lot and sleeping on the couch. He is very clear that he wants to remain part of his pack and not retire to a pet home, and so he will stay with us forever, ruling the kennel and watching all his kids grow up. 

Insect litter. Iditarod finisher. 

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Born: June, 2018

Position: Puppy!

Description: Fly was supposed to be done fathering puppies but, at 14 years old, he managed to break his chain, climb a five foot fence out of the main dog lot, jump over another six foot fence into the girl's pen, and meet up with Tilt A Whirl. She had this single, enormous pup. He is very confident and outgoing, and of course he's super cute! We're excited to watch him grow from a tiny baby to a rough and tough sled dog! 

Single pup litter. 

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